Monday, November 28, 2016

Fred Rice picture, Waupaca, WI

The back of this picture was labeled "Fred Rice". All the unidentified pictures we had, we were told was mostly "distant relatives". Here's an example with Fred:

Leslie Quimby is the son of George Quimby and Marvette Streeter. We are related to George Quimby through his first marriage to Amanda Streeter, (Marvette's sister).
Leslie married Lillian Rice. Fred is the brother of Lillian Rice. They lived in Waupaca, Wisconsin. Fred was born in 1867.

There were a few rust spots on this picture I tried to brush them off with Photoshop. There's still a little in his chin. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

James Ervin Norris-professional photographer

James Ervin Norris lived from 1848-1910. He took many pictures of family and some close friends. His family surnames include: Hill, Norris, Perkins, Quimby.

His family lived all over. Some places include: Watauga and Portage, Wisconsin; Redding and Placer, California; Grundy and Will, Illinois; Goodhue, Minnesota; Jackson, Oregon.

Please help me identify these images so I can share digital version with family.